Based in London, Dawit Mesfin is a writer, veteran commentator on Eritrean affairs and a social, human rights and peace activist. He was one of 13 Eritrean academics and professionals who wrote a critical letter to the Eritrean leadership in 2000 calling for improved human rights and met President Isaias Afwerki in Asmara to discuss the issues raised in the letter.

He has been at the forefront of leading Eritrean political websites Awate.com and Asmarino.com, and set up the Voice of Liberty radio station. He has chaired diverse human rights and civil society groups focussing on Eritrea, and was principal director of Justice Africa, an international NGO with a special focus on the Horn of Africa, from 2011-2014.


  • Eritrea: Dawit Mesfin’s secret

    Eritrea: Dawit Mesfin’s secret

    Articles 2017-09-21

    So what is his secret? It is this: Dawit has an illustrious father. Indeed, his dad, Mesfen...

  • Berlin Manifesto Tigrinya translation

    Berlin Manifesto Tigrinya translation

    Articles 2017-09-19

    ንሕና፡ ኣስማትና ኣብ ታሕቲ ኣስፊርና ዘለና ውልቀ-ሰባት፡ በዚ ሃገርና ኣትያቶ ዘላ መጻብቦ ብምግዳስ፡ ኵነታት ሃገርና ንምግምጋምን ብቑዕ መፍትሐ ንምእማምን ተኣኪብና ንምምይያጥ...

  • ዘበነ-ምስሕሓብን ኣያታት-ስደትን

    ዘበነ-ምስሕሓብን ኣያታት-ስደትን

    Articles 2017-09-19

    ጠንቂ-ስደት ሃሳዪ ምዃኑ ሰፊሕ ሓተታ ኣየድልዮን። ይዅን’ምበር፡ ክውንነት-ስደት ከመይ’ሉ ኣብ ሕብረተ-ሰብና ከም ዝሰረጸን ሕጂ ኸኣ ናብ ንቡር ከም...